Bay Bryan - Far Away

November 19, 2022

Bay Bryan is a unique piece of the IMC puzzle: the only artist to have been covered twice in our "Artist Pick" column by Luna Keller last year. And I have to admit, since then, I too fell in love with this musical UFO.

Yes, I said UFO. Because each release is like a series of surprises to discover. When you click "Play", you never really know what to expect, except that you know you're going to be positively surprised.

Bay Bryan is one of the artists who are unclassifiable, and that's a huge advantage. Their musical universe? Hmm, hard to define! Because it's a mixture of several genres, inspirations, and above all a huge dose of spontaneous creativity. In French, we may say "happy mess", but don't get me wrong, it's absolutely not pejorative.

"Far Away," Bay Bryan's new single, out yesterday, is like... you know, those cakes with multiple layers of colors? Every time you dig, you taste a new flavor. Same here. As the song progresses, it reveals many facets of the artist, sometimes theatrical, sometimes musical. Then you'll hear many instruments that we are not necessarily used to hearing in rather folk productions, like the clarinet, magnificently played by Fraser Langton.

There are several different parts in the song, which have nothing to do with each other, but nevertheless, fit together perfectly. As if there were no rules... for a stunning result! Sometimes when I imagine Bay Bryan creating a song, I imagine a painter driven by euphoria throwing paint randomly onto their canvas, and the result is just breathtaking. You've already seen these painters on shows like AGT who do portraits without us even realizing it. It looks like something weird, and when they rotate the canvas, the masterpiece is revealed.

In the case of "Far Away", it is as if you were not listening to one song, but several. A bit like several chapters makes up a book.

About it, Bay Bryan said: "To me, it's that dreamy and romantic moment before a momentous shift in your life. Where you're reveling in the feelings of excitement and anticipation --dreaming up what is to come while looking back nostalgically on what has been. It's that more fantastical time before sh*t gets real..."

Yes, this song is about momentous shifts, and there are lots of twists and turns as if the artist has created a puzzle that only the listener can solve. This is called high-level creativity. Very high level. And good news! An album entitled "The Meadow", is in the pipeline for 2023!

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