Alabama Weather - Depend on You

February 23, 2021

Alabama Weather is a husband/wife duo, like Arbour Season or Toby & Pip, and as their name suggests, they come from Alabama, and more specifically Tuscaloosa.

Like all of us, they were struck by the difficult context we are in, and wanted to send a positive and optimistic message. And God knows we all need it right now.

A song of hope? Yes, and also a love song released two days before Valentine's Day. It is obvious to depend on others to survive the most difficult trials. When you're alone, it is more complicated to get by. We also have a thought for all those who are alone, in these tough times. You are not so alone, we are here. And if we can cheer you up with such musical jewelry, then we are happy to do so.

The track is a pop ballad that almost ends in a huge indie-rock anthem, with electric guitars... a little more present.

With their two beautiful voices that blend together perfectly, a very elaborate production that spares no detail, Alabama Weather surprised us with their professionalism and very strong emotional power.

If you have a few minutes, browse their Spotify to check out their cover of "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton. A classic from 2002 dusted off brilliantly.

A very promising band to watch closely this year. This could be THEIR year.

Included in our "Indie Pop" playlist.

Alabama Weather's point of view

"Depend on You" is a song we wrote about our experience with the current events happening now since the Covid outbreak started.

When life gets difficult, we all hope we have people that we can depend on. Sometimes that's not the case though, because life happens. Life can be uncertain and we never really know what will happen. We normally write songs that are more fun, and upbeat. But we felt like people need a song to help get through these tough times. With so much negativity and difficulty in the world right now; we wanted to write this song so that it would uplift people and give them hope and optimism. 

It’s so important to have something or someone to steady you and help you through the tough times. This can be your spouse, a loved one, God, or even your pet! So like a lot of music, this song can have different meanings and can be interpreted differently by many people. But, for us personally; this song also has a deeper meaning and inspiration. When you don't have someone to depend on and life becomes chaotic and uncertain, we believe that you can depend on Jesus. It is comforting to know that there is someone guiding you who is in control that is much more powerful, caring, and who loves you. 

Keeping the big picture in perspective and realizing that once you get through the storm, it will be better is so important. The way we were able to get through 2020 and the future uncertainties is because of what we believe. We hope “Depend on You” is inspirational and uplifting to you!

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More about Alabama Weather

Alabama Weather is more than a pop band and was started by husband and wife, Miika and Mary. Miika has been playing music since he was 6 and has been writing songs for nearly 15 years.

He is a multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter and music producer. Mary started playing guitar when she was a teenager and started out by posting cover songs on YouTube.

Miika found out about Mary’s secret YouTube channel and they started making covers together.

Alabama Weather grew out of their shared love of music and making music together.


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