The Everminds

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The Everminds is an independent Rock Band living between London and Paris.

Their first debut album, expected to be released in the fall of 2020, was produced and recorded by the band in the band's studio on an SSL4000G. As far as mixing is concerned, the band has had the privilege to work with Michael Brauer (7 Grammys for Coldplay Parachutes, John Mayer, Angelica Kidjo) who mixed the song at the MHB studio in NYC. The mastering was done by Joe Laporta at Sterling sound.

“For us music is like a slow-cooked recipe, done with time and passion”.

This may not sound like an ultra-modern idea but that’s how The Everminds have created their first LP, “Song for everyone”.

Sebastien, an Architect by profession and drummer, Laurent, an electronic engineer and keyboardist and Eric a business mind with a voice and a few guitars, are 3 longtime friends, three brotherly souls that have been in pursuit of a turtle dream: re-creating an iconic analog studio to allow them to craft the album they’ve always dreamed of.

To fulfill their fantasy they acquired an old dusty SSL 4000 G console, an iconic machine from a different era, and worked to adapt it to the 21 st century. They rolled up their sleeves, transformed two garages into a little wooden state-of-the-art vintage studio, and started to record, and produce 12 songs.

Along the way they were joined by friends: Antoine Reininger, the amazing bass player without whom the foundation wouldn’t be the same; as well as the one-of-a-kind backing vocalist, Susie Webb. Both added their indelible print to the compositions.

The Everminds do not pretend to be seamless, their preference is to let transpire "track bleeds and electric tears" rather than be cursed by an unnatural clinical recording. Forget about “in the box recording", they believe emotion comes before perfection. Hence they try hard to capture the raw energy and a glimpse of down-to-earth realism in the music they compose.

No vocoder, no weird noises coming from everywhere. Simple and hopefully pure emotion.


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May 03, 2020: Song For Everyone