Indie Hour #07 - The Xmas Edition

December 20, 2023

As 2023 gracefully tiptoes towards its grand finale, we've got a special treat to wrap up the year – our Indie Hour: The Xmas Edition! 

But, hold on to your Santa hats! This is not your typical festive playlist filled with the jingling of bells and merry cheer. Oh no! We've taken a detour from the usual Christmas tunes because, let's face it, you're probably already serenaded by those melodies everywhere you go – radio, malls, TV... you name it!

Our Christmas gift to you? A playlist that doesn't follow the usual jingle-jangle pattern. We've curated a unique Indie Hour that's festive in its own way, featuring special cover swaps by talented artists from the IMC Family. So, while you may not find Santa's playlist here, you'll discover indie magic that'll warm your heart and make you dance in your festive socks!
And we turned it into a game, so we won't give you the tracklist this time, and you can play with us!

Tune in for surprises, laughs, and a merry indie escape. Consider it our way of spreading cheer in a different key! 


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