Indie Hour #06

June 14, 2023

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It's been a long time and we're really happy to be back with more than an hour of great indie music! To compensate for this long absence, we offer you this new episode which exceptionally lasts 81 minutes! It features loads of amazing indie songs, including an exclusive premiere! The Nautical Theme are ready to release their new EP "Get Somewhere" on June 30 and we were very lucky to feature one of the tracks, "Sun Won't Rise". Thank you guys for this incredible gift! Also huge thanks to Stephen LaVine for being such a kind, genuine and funny guest on this episode!


01. Clouds & Thorns, Luna Keller - The Best Days
02. Kahone Concept - Who Cares If I Sing
03. Carnival Kid, Sun Smash Palace - Friend of Mine
04. Charmplay - Sunshine
05. Sam Gifford - Overnight
06. Daniel Trakell - Folk Song #2
07. Dusty Boots - Home
08. The Satellite Station - Look At You
09. Stephen LaVine - Horses (+ interview)
10. Dom Malin - The Sea
11. Matt Saxton - Freedom
12. Dominic Romano - Who I Am
13. The Nautical Theme - Sun Won't Rise
14. Caleb J. Murphy - The Hands I Got


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