Indie Hour #03

November 15, 2022

We can't believe it's already the third episode of our podcast! This one is full of powerful emotions and goosebumps. Get ready to chill with some of the best indie songs we selected for you, this month! Also, we had a wonderful chat with Allison Leah who just dropped a new EP!


01. Mads Langelund - Paper Plane
02. Elijah Mann - Bungalow Song
03. Land Of Trees - See The Fire Dancing
04. Luna Keller - Wolves
05. Hello Darling - Just For You
06. Ryann Barnes - Bitter Rainbows
07. Allison Leah - Constellations (Interview)
08. Nur Peach - Offbeat
09. Marco Palos - Kings & Queens
10. Thomas LaVine - Hand and String


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