Indie Hour #02

October 12, 2022

Welcome to October! It's definitely our favorite season, as you can chill on your bed with a cup of tea, and enjoy some great indie songs! This month, we had a blast recording this second episode, because the diversity of genres is awesome. We hope you enjoy this new episode!

Alternatively, you can find it on Spotify. You can follow us there and click the bell to stay updated about future episodes!

Episode 3 will be out on November 16, 2022.


01. Joe Hicks - Sail Away
02. Twins of June - Favorite Person
03. Madi Foster - Sun & Moon (driving in the morning)
04. Luke Beling - Mzansi Afrika
05. Carley Varley - Better Without Me (Interview)
06. Tyler Edwards - Delta
07. Mark Wilkinson - Grafton St
08. The Graes - Deep
09. Dave McKendry - Gravestone
10. The Satellite Station - Slow
11. Allison Leah - i gave u my number
12. I, The Mountain - Wildfire


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