November 06, 2005

You can submit your music to Indie Music Center, we'd love to hear from you! But we don't recommend sending a DM on socials, as we get 200+ DMs every week and it's impossible to answer to everyone.

IMPORTANT, please read:

Your music needs to match our universe, focused on powerful emotions and goosebumps. So please take some time to listen to our radio station for an hour, read some reviews, to get an idea of what we love, and what we usually share. No need to send us Rap, Metal, or EDM. It would be a waste of time for both you and us ;) So you go it: the best thing to do before submitting, it to know a little bit more about us. Then choose how we can help you :

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How do I submit music to your Spotify playlist and radio station?

We are thrilled to know that you wish to share your music with IMC and its faithful listeners and readers. You can submit your latest or upcoming track to our Spotify Playlist and our radio station for free by clicking the first picture above.

Is it free?

Of course, it is. And it will always be. Always remember that radio stations or Spotify playlisters asking you for money for radio play or Spotify placement are practicing something illegal called Payola. Taking money for a playlist placement goes against Spotify T&C and both you and the playlister can get in trouble.

Is it guaranteed placement?

Of course not. We usually receive thousands of submissions every year. Do you think we could feature them all? Our listeners and readers would feel like they're spammed all the time, and this is not what we want. We first need to listen to all the songs and then depending on the release date and mood, we will decide if we want to feature them or not. Then, we'll let you know about our decision either via email or by tagging you on Instagram.

Why should I use MusoSoup for a blog review?

We now take all our review submissions through MusoSoup. It's like a PR tool, but much cheaper. We're working closely with them and we know the team behind. It allows you to submit your music not only to IMC but also to +400 curators from all around the world. They will not send your music to the wrong curators. So you don't pay a platform to get declines all day long. They work hard every day, educating the bloggers on how to create the biggest value for musicians, and also each offer has to be confirmed by the Musosoup team.

Does IMC make money?

I’m happy you asked. To be totally transparent with you, I never earned money with IMC. And believe it or not, in 20 years, I've lost more than 200K$ to promote indie music through my different projects. So, if I made any money, I would probably have bought myself a second home and I would be having caviar by the pool right now. But I truly think that it is important for our team members to be compensated for the time it takes to create original content. They will listen carefully to your release, and you'll be able to start a sincere relationship. Therefore we might ask for a donation. We hate ads and we don’t want them on our website as it would ruin our users' experience. Remember that it takes time to create an honest review and we are only covering the costs of the blog. Well, in 2021 we didn't even succeed, that's why we took a two-month break at the end of the year.

How will you know that I submitted to you through Musosoup?

If you click on the picture above to sign up for Musosoup, we will be notified as soon as they make your campaign live.

How could I help you in exchange?

If you want to help our social media grow, you can simply share on social media the coverage we created for you.

If you want to help our Spotify playlist grow, share the Spotify playlist (or at least, follow it, it's free!).

And if you really want to help us grow the whole IMC platform, if you have an artist website, please put a link to our review on it. This really helps our SEO. It's the best reward for us to see that our content is available online, and not only here.