November 06, 2005

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You're an artist / a band, and would like to submit your music to the Indie Music Center? You're very welcome :)

You have two options.

1. Submit your music only to IMC

You can submit by filling our Submission form. It's totally free and you only need 5 minutes to send us your music. We'll get back to you by e-mail shortly after your submission.

2. Submit your music to IMC + loads of amazing blogs

We also use a wonderful platform where, through only one submission, your music will be shared with loads of amazing blogs. Then, they will come to you with offers and it's up to you to accept them or decline them. Yes, it means you won't pay a platform to get declined all day long. You have the power.

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We're members of the #SustainableCurator movement. You can learn more about it here.

Also, we want you to know that if you've bought a kind of "bible" with e-mail addresses, you may find us here (even if we didn't give our clear agreement, which is against the laws of our country). But you got scammed. Most of those data are outdated. The playlists mentioned in this bible don't even exist for a few years. And you won't get any answer from us, because this e-mail box is not used anymore.


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Discover now what will happen next!

What you will get :

- A blog post, made by a human being with his heart! This what we're here for.

- 6 shares of your song on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

- 2 Spotify playlist adds

- Your song will be played on Indie Music Radio!

We need 60 minutes of work + writing time for each track because we really care about quality. To be honest, we're not earning a single cent. Artists and fans donations only cover 30% of our fees. 

And after?

Did you really think we were gonna let you down so easily?

Artists submitting constantly high-quality content will be considered as an "IMC Certified' artist". Meaning artists we trust the most. We will give them priority placement and will increase our advertising budget for them. It's also a guarantee of quality content for our visitors. "IMC Certified Artists" are gathered in an Instagram group chat and a monthly Skype call to help each other to promote their music, so they can exchange ideas, news, experiences, and promotion tips. A great occasion for you to connect with other musicians in the US, Europe, or South America.

Thank you for reading until the end.