Submission process

April 02, 2023

Step 1: Choose what's best for you

Submitting your music with us is as easy as making toast. Well, almost. It depends on what you want.

If you're in a hurry with a very limited budget, you can submit your music for the "Quick Sound Bites" new column. It's like a fast pass for your musical journey in less than 200 words! Head over to our SubmitHub profile (we'll be active again in the second half of November 2023). Then you don't have to read the rest of this page. If you want to take your time and get in-depth content and analysis of your music, follow the next steps.

Step 2: I want more

Visit Our Submission Page: Head to our "In-depth review request" submission page. We wanted to use the SubmitHub marketplace at first, but the problem is: we got 34 requests and only 2 matched our genres. Yes, not even 6%. The fact it's not targeted by genre was really annoying. So we had to build our own system.

Provide Essential Details: Fill in some basic info like your name, artist or band name, and how to send you a virtual high-five (or important stuff like email).

Share Your Music: Send us your tracks – whether it's WeTransfer, Google Drive, SoundCloud links, or even a carrier pigeon, we'll take 'em.

Say Cheese! It's not a passport photo, but we'd love some quality press pics. Show us your face (not just the back of your head) and no black and white pics, please. We want visuals that pop, just like your music.

Story Time! Give us a sneak peek into your creative world. What inspired your music? What's the story behind the songs? The more you share, the more our readers can dive into your musical journey.

Step 3: Our Ears Are All Yours

Once your music arrives in our inbox, our team swings into action. We're not just listening; we're experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions, like a telenovela, thanks to your music! 

Our Standard: We're picky – but in a good way. Your song has to have the power to give our readers goosebumps, make them hug their speakers, or dance around the room like no one's watching. It's all about making the heart flutter.

Dedicated Listening: We don't just put your tunes on in the background while making a sandwich. We sit down, press play, and let your music wash over us. It's all about that visceral connection.

A Treasure Hunt: We're on the lookout for musical gems that deserve the spotlight. Think of us as musical explorers, and your music is the hidden treasure we're determined to discover.

Step 4: Choose Your Adventure

If we're head over heels for your music, we'll send you a golden ticket – figuratively, of course. It's your invitation to our collaboration process, where you get to choose your own adventure, according to your budget. Yes, you keep control over it, all the time! Wait, is that paid? Yes, the in-depth work is. And you can choose what you want to donate! Find out why here. And you can still choose to submit to the "Quick Sound Bites" column via SubmitHub, if you'd like. No obligation.

Your Voice, Your Way:

Your journey in music is unique, and our features reflect that. Our features may include:

Detailed Review: We dive deep and craft an in-depth review (from 500 to 3000 words) that uncovers the heart and soul of your music.

Podcast Interview: Chat with us about your music and inspirations. It's like being a guest on your favorite talk show.

Podcast feature: Get your song in the limelight on our "Indie Hour" podcast, or hop on a 10-minute Zoom interview.

Visual Enhancement: Let us create stunning visuals, from blog graphics to Instagram stories, to make your music pop even more.

Step 5: Ready, Set, Unleash!

With your chosen adventure in hand, it's time to set your music free. Together, we'll share your story with the world. If you spot any gremlins in the publication – don't worry, they're not playing music – reach out to us, and we'll fine-tune it to your liking. 

Step 6: Share Your Review and Amplify Your Reach

The journey doesn't end with publication, folks! We invite you to take your freshly minted review and shout it from the digital mountaintops – no climbing gear needed! Here's why you should:

Increased Visibility: Sharing your review on your social media platforms is like sprinkling magic fairy dust on your music. Reviews shared by artists get up to 20 times more views. It's like multiplying your music's fanbase with a wave of a wand (or a click of a button).

Wider Reach: Your promotion supercharges your music's reach. Think of it as sending your songs on a rocket to the stars. The more you share, the more listeners your music will rock out with.

Community Engagement: Interacting with your audience on social media isn't just fun; it's like a giant group hug from your fans. It creates a sense of community, connection, and bonding. Who knew sharing a review could feel like a virtual group hug, right?

So, keep those fingers flying on your keyboard, share that review like a digital DJ, and make your fans feel like they're part of your epic journey. It's a rockin' collaborative effort that benefits everyone involved.

What if my music is declined?

Well, don't fret, my fellow musical maestro! Not every song can be featured, but it doesn't diminish the value of your artistry. We're here to empower artists, not deflate their creative spirits. 

Don't Be Discouraged: If your music isn't selected for a feature, please don't be discouraged. The world of music is vast and diverse, and your unique voice deserves to be heard. Many renowned artists have faced rejection on their path to success. Remember that every note you compose, every lyric you write, and every melody you create is a valuable part of your artistic journey.

A Community of Support: IMC is more than just a platform for music reviews; it's a supportive community of music enthusiasts and creators. We're here to celebrate your talent, provide constructive feedback, and offer guidance to help you continue growing and evolving as an artist. 

Your Music, Your Journey: Your music is an expression of your soul, and your journey is uniquely yours. Keep creating, keep sharing, and keep pushing the boundaries of your art. We're here to amplify your voice and connect you with an audience eager to discover your music.