Who Am I ?

That's a good question! Who am I? 

Well, I'm a young guy, passionate about music. I was offered my first disc (OMG I feel so old) when I was 4 years old. I was rocked by Pink Floyd and Mike Oldfield and very quickly introduced to real music. At 7, I started creating radio shows with a small tape station, I interviewed my friends for fun. At 14 I entered a real radio station and I was given my first show. But for real, this time. Its goal ? To propose only new tracks, discoveries, and new talents. Since then, nothing has really changed. I'm still giving some free times to an FM radio station, to make people discover different things, and now, thanks to Music For Your Heart, I try to select, in all the genres, for you the best songs that you won't forget within 10 minutes. My point of view is simple : a song is not made to make people getting on their nerves if they listen to it every 2 hours.

Far from the high rotations of FM radios that pollute all the countries, and that kills the creativity of artists, I wanted to show to France that the world of music is now very big (thanks to the Internet, that's true), and that in reality, the medias confine us to less than 1% of what exists. And what exists elsewhere is much better than what we are flabbergasted every 2 hours on the radio waves. I try to accompany each review by a small analysis, often personal, and sometimes funny. Well. Yeah. Why should we take ourselves seriously, in this world where everything is properly sorted in boxes?

Thank you for coming to see us, and if you like, don't hesitate to share and talk about it. The more independant music spreads, the more likely we are to kill the media dominance system that is in place today in France and other countries. Well. We have a lot of work. But I know I can count on you. 

A little tour on those pages, a few minutes of listening, and you will understand.

Indie Music Center will be the first portal for Indie Music. We will gather at the same place all the tools people may need!