Our Team

January 04, 2021


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I'm 33 and I'm the only one to blame for this platform haha. You can read the full adventure that brought me here, on the About page. It's all about dreams and emotions.

What I'm doing for the blog :

- listening to music all day long

- writing reviews

- editing audio and video files

- managing the Indie Music Radio



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I'm 32. We always say that behind a man, there's always a woman. Here I am. I'm Niko's girlfriend for 9 years and joined him in this adventure in December 2020 to help him out with a lot of things. And, the most important: I try to bring the feminine touch and the girly ideas that a man couldn't think about!

What I'm doing for the blog :

- preparing the review templates on the website

- creating the videos for social media

- scheduling all the social media content

- managing our Spotify playlists



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I’m Luna Keller, an indie singer-songwriter with a big passion for honest and heartfelt music. I discovered Indie Music Center when I submitted my song to them and got a beautiful review back. I quickly fell in love with the blog's philosophy, (music first!) and became a fan. When I started my own radio show to support indie artists, called "Why Doesn’t Everyone Know These Songs", Niko offered to feature it as a podcast on the website. That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship based on constantly sharing the music we love with each other. In January 2021 I started writing a weekly review called "Artist Pick" on the blog sharing some of the great indie bands that I keep discovering.

What I'm doing for the blog :

- writing reviews for the "Artist Pick" section

- offering my "Why Doesn’t Everyone Know These Songs" podcast every month