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September 04, 2019

Welcome to the "Help Me Help Independent Music" section – where I don't play sad violins but rather joyful guitars. At Indie Music Center, I've been on a quest to celebrate music that doesn't make the Billboard charts but definitely hits all the right notes. Now, why should you support me on this journey? Well, allow me to serenade you with a few compelling reasons:

Promoting independent artists: I'm the indie artists' fan club president, and your support is like the encore they deserve. You help me put the spotlight on these hidden gems and shout, "Hey world, listen to this!"

Quality content: I'm all about those well-crafted reviews and features, like a fine aged cheese or a well-mixed track. Your contribution ensures I keep serving you content that's as top-notch as a Michelin-starred meal.

Growing the music community: Your support allows us to organize events, collaborations, and initiatives that unite music enthusiasts like a giant, global dance party. And who doesn't want that?

How to support IMC:

We've made it easy for you to support IMC in a way that suits you best:

1. Donation via Stripe:
Just choose an amount below to make a secure donation via Stripe. It's as easy as buying a coffee, except you're buying a coffee for the soul of indie music. Worth knowing: 30% goes into taxes, 20% into IMC running costs.

Exchange rate: 1€ = $1,08 / £0,85

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2. Donation via PayPal:
If you prefer PayPal, you can make a donation by clicking this link. You can even chose to make a monthly donation – think of it as our favorite song on repeat, but in good karma form. Your support is highly appreciated.

Thank you for your support!

Your generosity keeps me dancing to the rhythm of indie music. Whether you're dropping a coin or throwing a metaphorical rose on my virtual stage, every contribution makes a significant impact. I am beyond grateful for your support. Together, we'll continue championing independent music, because, let's face it, the mainstream has enough cheerleaders. Thanks for being part of my musical journey!

Musically yours,