IMC Certified Artists

February 01, 2021

What does "IMC Certified Artists" mean?

"IMC Certified Artists" are the artists that we trust the most. We give them priority placement: we cover all their releases for free. No donation, no submission. We also increase our advertising budget for them.

"IMC Certified Artists" are gathered in an Instagram group chat and a monthly Zoom call to help each other to promote their music, so they can exchange ideas, news, experiences, and promotion tips. A great occasion for them to connect with other musicians in the US, Europe, or South America.

So it's a win-win.

Both for our readers, because they're sure to find high-quality content on our blog, with 100% quality songs, and for those artists, who get an extra promotion.

How to become an "IMC Certified Artist"?

If you're an artist and would like to be featured in our "IMC Certified Artists" category, you have nothing else to do than release good music. You don't need to "apply". 

Because it's a natural and logical process: you'll become an "IMC Certified Artist" once we've shared your work at least 5 times on the blog.

Who are the "IMC Certified Artists" today?

Today, we have 9 "IMC Certified Artists". Here they are:

Name / Link to the profile Featured
The Satellite Station 15 times
Limón Limón 7 times
Ben Greenberg 7 times
Luna Keller 7 times
Kahone Concept 7 times
Carnival Kid 6 times
Thomas LaVine 5 times
Taylor T 5 times
Lisa Heller 5 times
Matu* 2 times

*Matu is an exception because he has only been featured two times on IMC but his music is so wonderful that it's impossible for us not to consider him as an IMC Certified Artist, as he has built a huge fans community very quickly.

Who is about to become an "IMC Certified Artist"?

Some artists are no longer very far from joining them. They will integrate the family from their 5th feature.

Name Already featured Missing
Jenny Kern 4 times 1 feature
Hugo Valentine 4 times 1 feature
Sarpa Salpa 4 times 1 feature
Dessie Magee 4 times 1 feature
Carley Varley 3 times 2 features
Flo Chase 3 times 2 features
Andy Martin 3 times 2 features
Kolby Knickerbocker 3 times 2 features
Venus Demilo 3 times 2 features
Ned Moss 3 times 2 features

???? Spotify playlist

All these artists are gathered in a special Spotify Playlist. You can listen to it below.


???? On the radio

You will hear these artists more often than others on the radio.

???? On social media

They are easy to recognize since they have a golden template.