What they said about us...


July 2019, 12

The Bergamot

"Super quick to post. Well written and thoughtful blog feature. Honored to work with them and hope to again! All the best and Ever Upwards, Nathaniel"

November 2018, 29

Jessy Hay

"Great blog ran by super nice people! communication was perfect"

November 2018, 11

Luna Keller

"The blog post was great, and the communication very positive. This is a wonderful platform, they are kind music lovers that work with passion and dedication to offer a place to find new music and be found as a musician. My experience with them couldn't have been better!"

November 2018, 9

Kolby Knickerbocker

"Great blog to submit to. Fantastic to work with and made the song placement as soon as it was released. Thank you!"

November 2018, 6

Sophia Anello

"Fantastic! Thank you!!!"

November 2018, 6

Charlotte Morris

"Indie Music Center was so lovely to work with. They communicated really well and let me know exactly when they would be sharing my song. Will definitely submit music to them again!"

November 2018, 1st

Scott Boyd

"Excellent communication and a very lovely short review!"

August 2018, 31


"What a thoughtful blog post, thank you so much!"

August 2018, 31

Emma Wallace

"Such a wonderful experience- very kind and communicative via chat and then wrote a lovely review. Thank you so much!"

August 2018, 17

The Rebs

"Lovely blogger who has great communication and was nothing but professional and nice."

July 2018, 30

Andy Host

"Great platform/blog to work with. Very open communication and quick replies. Super writing and tonality of the articles!"

July 2018, 11

Sam York

"Cheers lads!"

July 2018, 7


"Very professional. They requested additional graphics and I was happy to provide them exactly what they needed. They were upfront and accurate about the timing of the post. I was very happy with the blog post and additional exposure it provided. Thanks for taking the time to spotlight my music!"

July 2018, 4

David Gillespie

"You won’t find a more passionate music blog!"

June 2018, 19


"The people from Indie Music Center wrote a beautiful and personal post about my debutsingle Hometown. I even got some other people to review/post the track because of that post. Thanks guys!"

June 2018, 5

Drops of Indigo

"It is so heartwarming to see that the author really feel the universe and the core in our songs and is able to right it down in such a lovely way. We are so grateful for these kind words!
This is what its all about for us. To get people to get in touch with their feelings when listening to our music. To feel that we have been able to bring our feelings through our music is the biggest gift we can get. Thank you!"

June 2018, 1st

Mrs. Greenbird

"An absolute pleasure to deal with and a awesomely well curated blog. Thank you so much for your support!"

May 2018, 14

Birgitta Haller (BigIsPromotion)

"Easy going, nice and very professional!"

March 2018, 30


"Kyle from Indie Music Center was fantastic and super easy to communicate with, and they did an awesome and personal review as Premiere for our release! Will trust them again 100%"

January 2018, 19


"Fantastic to work with!"

January 2018, 18

The Karmanauts

"Great blog!"

December 2017, 7

Diane Foy (ONEmpire)

"Indie Music Center was the perfect match for the song and video I had to premiere. I would welcome future collaborations."

December 2017, 2


"Great blogger! They wrote a blog very promptly and have been very supportive!"

December 2017, 10

Brody Blackburn

"Indie Music Center is an excellent website with quality music! I’m fortunate to be working with them, and grateful they find my music worthy of sharing with their followers. And I want to extend a huge thank you to SubmitHub for bringing us together!"

October 2017, 29

The Forgotten Art

"Indie Music Center was fantastic - thanks so much for the review!"

October 2017, 26

Les Biches

"Great experience - provided a quality writeup in a timely manner, right after the song was released."

October 2017, 25

Matt Davis

"Loved this review and their portal!"