June 01, 2018

What people said about us...

"Yay, IMC has great music to enjoy ... at the office, of course, LOL.  It's hard to be stressed with these melodies in the background! I hope all of you, reading this, have an amazing day and week and month - You deserve to be happy!"

Lena, Switzerland


"I just stumbled upon this site, and emotions started early. There is a cleansing feeling after tears fall that you can't replace.  My soul screams out for serenity! I close my eyes and imagine seeing my beautiful daughter turning to me smiling with ice-covered mountain caps in her background, and her eyes lighting up my heart. I am feeling very inspired to make some healthy lifestyle changes and embrace the call of nature. Thank you for this site! A culmination of things I feel brought me here."

Richard, Germany


"I would like to find friends who also like this type of music. It is difficult when you are in a group, people listening to this type of music, they look at you strangely, but I don't care!"

Zach, Maryland (USA)


"Thank you... This site and its playlist are just giving me the experience while just sitting staring out the window. The best... More power. Fighting! God bless you!!"

Christine, Belgium


"Sitting here on a Tuesday at 3:48am, reading a book while having this music mix play in the background, and it's helping to relax me a lot. (Which is one of the reasons why I love this site/their music choices)  Hope everyone's having a good day/night/whatever time it is for you, wherever you all may be."

Ophelia, New Zealand


"Thank you for this site.  I just wanna say thank you very much, for your reviews and all the artists out there! Your heart is soaring with love and enthusiasm. Very comforting and welcoming. For years, this had been my comfort and safe space. The music keeps the rhythm of my heart, it keeps my heart beat, reminding me to keep on going and push through. To whoever reads this, thank you!  Keep believing!!"

Monica, Oregon (USA)


"I just wanted to thank Indie Music Center for inspiring me to look for new artists by listening to their compilations of music with a difference. Your choices are excellent and I can't wait to read to your new reviews. Stay safe and keep posting."

John, Cardiff (UK)


"Every Sunday, I never fail to come back to your channel. Indie music always brings me so much peace and it makes my long repetitive days better. thank you."

Stephen, Ontario (Canada)


"I've always felt very touched by how passionate these reviews are, but it really hit me today when "Not Coming Home" by Ryan Nealon came on while I was looking through my mum's memory box (she passed away in November this year). These reviews remind me to not only take advantage of each and every day but to also be appreciative of my friends and family because life is short. Thank you so much for doing what you do, Niko and the team!"

Ana, Australia


"Your reviews are sometimes the highlight of my day. It has been a tough time, so thank you for letting us experience good music and explore the world through music. Every song is beautiful :)"

Patrick, Netherlands


"I absolutely love your site and your Spotify playlist. I constantly have it playing at all times. Chilling, working & studying in my life just always including an IMC playlist. Never stop making the vibe better!"

Allyson, Australia


"Thanks for such a great mix of beautiful indie songs! Your reviews are wonderful! I'll definitely check more works of some artists whose songs played here."

Alexandre, France


"WOW! How do you do this?!  Every song is better than the last one! Thank you for curating these songs with such a level of dedication. We've added a lot of your suggestions to our Spotify playlist, we played it about four times today... and will do the same tomorrow. It's quite uplifting, calming, and inspiring."

Anton, Poole (UK)


"Absolutely love all the music you guys write about, I have been a follower for going on 4 and a half years. never been disappointed."

Lisa, Germany


"These songs are simply awesome! Listening to them while driving, while working, while drinking... Beautiful! Cheers!"

Chris, South Africa


"It's incredible to see how many underrated artists we can find on this site. Thank you for always picking the best!"

Elder, Latvia