1. I'm a reader and would like to give my opinion on the songs you share. How to do ?

Easy! Look at the top left, you'll find a "Member Area". Click on it and then on "Sign in". Then, you'll be able to create your reader account by clicking on the red "Create account" button. Just fill the form, chose your username and a password, and submit with the "Sign In" button at the end. This will allow you to post comments on all articles we wrote. Your comments are also very welcome on our Facebook page, or Instagram, or Twitter account.

2. I'm an artist, and would like to know how you work?

Let's wait a few more days. Our "Tools" section is ready. You can even find some of them. Soon, there will also be tools for Indie Bloggers and Radio Stations, and we will help you to reach them out correctly. You will still be able, though, to submit music to the Indie Music Center as we keep a music blogging section.

3. Do you have Spotify playlists?

Not really, for the moment. Before the Indie Music Center, we used to run a blog, called "Music For Your Heart". And we used to have several playlists, sorted by emotions. But let's remember that we are first and foremost a portal for indie music now, and our goal is to gather all the amazing places on the Internet where you can find amazing indie music.

4. Why the hell did you change your name from "Music for your Heart" to "Indie Music Center" ? I loved MFYH so much!

Music is made to be alive. To give you emotions. We agree. But what if you can't find it ? We started from something pretty simple : we realized it was really hard for indie music fans to find indie music easily. And it was hard for artists to know where to submit their music, and how... So we decided to become more like a "portal" for indie music, to help... Everyone! We now introduced "Tools" on the Indie Music Center. This section will gather tools for Indie Music Lovers, or tools for Artists/Bands, for bloggers, or for Radio Stations. We've been working in the music industry for almost 20 years now, and we would like to help other people to promote their music, through the Internet which is now full of amazing tools for music promotion. But people must know how they work and how to use them correctly. No worries, if you loved Music For Your Heart, we will keep this concept as a blog part under the portal!

5. I'm a bit lost on the Website. It's like it's... Confused!

Yeah. We perfectly understand. Our project asks a huge amount of work and it will take time to become a portal, as we were only a music blog before. Now the website is divided in two clear parts : Music Blog & Tools. But as we're still making some adjustments, we didn't want to close the website entirely, so you wouldn't be able to access it and read all the wonderful content it already had. So, we're making our "test sessions" while the website is still online, that's why, at some minutes, it can look a bit messy haha. But, very often, it goes back to something more "normal" in just a few minutes. No worries, it will be all fixed soon!