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November 06, 2005


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You're an artist / a band, and would like to submit your music to the Indie Music Center ? You're very welcome :)


Step 1: Knowing us

1-1> We're a small, very small blog

First, you have to know that you're on a "niche" tiny platform. Even though the blog is read in over 140 countries. One thing, and it's not a detail, that is very important for us: we're only focused on powerful emotions and try to give our readers goosebumps! Because we truly think that music is about emotions. And as we're all human beings, music has to have a soul to be featured here.

And as it's a "niche" platform, it doesn't have 10-million followers. The number of followers is public, so you know where you're going. Don't expect to get a call from Universal Music or BBC after getting a feature with us haha. You'll only get a few streams/views from us. But quality exposure. Some of our readers are used to buy on Apple Music and Stream on Spotify almost all the songs we share.

So, knowing us is the essential step. Knowing who you're submitting to is essential for your Musical Marketing strategy. First, read the "About" section. And then, take a little time to have a read of some reviews of the blog, and discover its musical universe. If you're too lazy, just tune in for a few minutes to 'Indie Music Radio'. You heard music when you came here, right? It's from the player bar at the bottom of the page :) It's the 'Indie Music Radio'.

1-2> Kind of music, music genres

You will quickly notice that it's very focused on emotions, goosebumps, and beauty. And that it's also focused on 3 main genres: indie-folk, indie-rock, and indie-pop. So, no need to submit Country, Hip Hop, Rap, or R'n'B tracks.

1-3> Underrated artists wanted :)

Then, we're here to help underrated and undiscovered artists. So, even if we don't really care about metrics, we'll give priority to an artist who has 300 monthly listeners on Spotify rather than an artist who has 100K monthly listeners (just an example, not a "limit"). That's the same about social media. If the artist already has a fanbase 10 times bigger than ours, he will not gain much. And neither do we! Because generally, these artists do not even bother to share our work. So no one wins. 

What we need What we try to avoid

Underrated and undiscovered artists

A catchy melody

Soulful vocals

Feeling emotions in the vocals, or in the melody, or both

Powerful emotions & goosebumps (happy, melancholic, moving feelings)

We love when the song builds until an epic ending

Too famous artists who will never care about our work and don't need our help

Instagram female influencers (and sometimes singers). We're looking for singers. Not models.

Autotune or special voice effects

Soulless vocals

Repetitive melodies

Hip Hop / Rap / Talking parts

Explicit lyrics

Aggressive vocals / Screaming vocals / Average singing


Negative writing themes: mental health (we got too many tracks last months), war, politics, religion, Covid-19 or lockdown-related lyrics. Why? Our faithful visitors come to us to hear something different from what they hear every day on the news

Step 2: Submit!

Now that you're sure that you know everything about us, and if you're sure that you will give us goosebumps, go for a submission! We use a wonderful platform where, through only one submission, your music will be shared with loads of amazing blogs. Then, they will come to you with offers and it's up to you to accept them or decline them. Yes, it means you won't pay a platform to get declined all day long. No worries, we'll give you the link. Also, it's the only way to submit to us, as it allows us to gather everything clean, and at the same place. With more than a hundred e-mail submissions a day, it was impossible to keep it clear. Create your submission, and above all, think about filling your artist's description with a little bio. Don't forget to add the story behind the song. And your social media linksIf we don't have these pieces of information, we can't write about something/someone we don't know at all.

Browsing the Internet to search for your pieces of information or links is not our mission. We're not Google. We are not search engines, private detectives, or your PR agency :) We're just here to help you. So, please help us to help you :)


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Discover now what will happen next!

What you will get :

- a blog post, made by a human being with his heart! This what we're here for.

And then, in addition:

- more than 12 shares of your song on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and as a bonus: Spotify playlists

- Radio airplay on "Indie Music Radio" once the track hits 100K streams.

We'll need 120 minutes of work (+ writing time) for each track. To be honest, we need almost $14K/year to run the blog, and we're not earning a single dollar. We're even losing a lot of money for the love of indie music! Why? Because we invest a lot in social media ads to push artists forwards. And worth knowing that artists and fans donations only cover 30% of our fees. 

And after?

Did you really think we were gonna let you down so easily?

- Other shares of your song will be scheduled on social media the next Sunday and also one month after, so our readers won't forget you! 

- From the third feature, an artist profile will be created for you on the Indie Music Center to show our readers all your IMC features at one glance

- Artists submitting constantly high-quality content will be considered as an "IMC Certified' artist". Meaning artists we trust the most. We will give them priority placement and will increase our advertising budget for them. It's also a guarantee of quality content for our visitors.

- "IMC Certified Artists" are gathered in an Instagram group chat and a monthly Skype call to help each other to promote their music, so they can exchange ideas, news, experiences and promotion tips. A great occasion for you to connect with other musicians in the US, Europe, or South America.

Thank you for reading until the end. Now you can submit by using the link. Oh, the second time we used this word on this page. The link is hidden the first time we used the word "link". But where it is? This is a way to check that you have read everything carefully and that you are not sending your music blindly. If you read that entirely, then you must have already seen this word. If you just scrolled down until the end, thinking that you could submit to us without knowing us, you got fantastic proof that knowing who you're submitting to is essential ;) And obviously, it means your promotion strategy is not the right one. Also, by using our link, you'll get 50% off your first 45-day campaign on this fantastic platform :)