Zack Fletcher - The Traveler

July 30, 2021

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From the intro, we fell in love with Zack Fletcher's guitar picking. And when he started to sing, a few seconds later, we opened our mouths wide and we stayed like that for a few seconds. We wondered if it was real.

A warm voice, magnificent vocal harmonies, poetry and delicacy in the writing, and a simple production but very focused on emotions.

And you can imagine how much we love strong emotions. We found them here! The structure of the song is quite atypical and does not fall into the traditional scheme, allowing to highlight either the guitar, the voice, or the violin.

There are in "The Traveler" all the elements of the perfect indie-folk ballad, the one that raises your arm hair vertically, the one that cheers you up.

The final part gave us the thrills we were looking for. On the other hand, there is something that we do not understand. How can such a talented artist have 12 monthly listeners on Spotify and no more? We are counting on you, dear readers, to correct this. Do not hesitate to share this little gem with your friends, your family, and why not your boss.

Added to our Main Spotify Playlist.

Written by Niko.



Don't sit around and say leave me be

For the day is a-wasting you'll see

It's already time to fly up above that great big blue sky

And look down, oh can't you tell me what you see

Don't wait around and watch the leaves all fall

One by one you'll never count them all

So show me, my friend, how the days ahead will change me

And where you'll be when you can't stay

So take off your shoes

The places that you've been stick to their soles

And carry with you

All the prizes that modern men can't hold

When their souls are starving for something new

Oh, the wind at our backs blows so fast

Can't turn your head to recall any past

So show me, my friend, where life begins and daydreams end

And where you've always been if not here today