Zack Fletcher - Little Hollow

December 02, 2022

After "The Traveler" in July 2021 and "Compass Rose" in September 2021, Ohio singer-songwriter Zack Fletcher is back on IMC for the release of his new single "Little Hollow".

The song plunges us into the intimacy of the artist like never before. Indeed, it is a song that is very personal to him, since it evokes his recent fatherhood. The opportunity for us to send him all our congratulations :)

This new single envelops us with touching and very descriptive writing, full of metaphors, a vocal performance that remains very light and restrained, and an atypical structure (at the first listen, the chorus is quite difficult to locate).

But it's all the strength of a song whose primary energy is in the writing. "Little Hollow" is a song that speaks, much more than a song that seeks to achieve perfection to seduce algorithms. It can only seduce human beings endowed with a conscience and a sense of emotions.

Simply listen to the father who speaks to his child who has just arrived on earth, warning him of the dangers and obstacles to come, with admiration and tenderness.

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