YVI - Hometown

June 08, 2018

Chance of the calendar and pure coincidence? Not really ... It looks like the Netherlands is full of fabulous artists. Second artist of the same country to appear on the blog the same day, here is YVI. YVI writes melancholic, though comforting storytelling songs about insecurity, doubt and grief. His voice and songs might sound like Damien Rice and Glen Hansard, whereas the band arrangements are inspired by the sound of Bon Iver and Elbow. In other words, the artist is in a musical universe of very high quality. And his work is already known : in 2015, YVI was chosen as ‘the best singer-songwriter of the Northern Netherlands’, after which he supported Dutch acts such as Douwe Bob and Blaudzun. And today, YVI release the first single "Hometown" of the debut album "A Few Words Of Comfort", which will be released April 2019. Hard to believe that this is a first track, because the quality is really at there. And the result is impressive and very professional. You will appreciate this rise of emotions in crescendo until an epic ending. The song talks about this transition from adolescence to adulthood, when we leave our hometown for university. When we leave our childhood friends behind to meet new people. "Hometown" is available on Spotify and included in our "Confused Emotions" playlist on Spotify.