Your May Top 5

01 juin 2018

Here is, as the beginning of each month, the top 5 articles, most read the previous month. Here is the fourth edition with beautiful discoveries! These are the most read reviews in May by the readers of Music For Your Heart, right here, on this blog. Of course, the statistics of readings obtained by an artist are not a coincidence. We must not forget that the artist himself is an actor of his own promotion. If he shares the review, one of his fans will see a way to make his friends discovering him. The fan will then share the review. And so on. To be honest with you, reviews that artists or labels do not share on their networks are only a few dozens, or at best, a few hundred readings. But those who share a lot get thousands. Congratulations to our five elected artists of the month, it's well deserved!

#1 - Arbour Season - Leaving Delaware

It's the weekend, we have a beautiful weather all over France, except in the Southeast (you guys can't win every time!), so how about a small escape by car, on forest roads, the arm outside the door? Is it okay, did you set the scene? Now, click play on the player, and let yourself be transported by this incredible melody by Arbor Season. Their second single "Leaving Delaware" is about leaving a state of the USA for a new life, but you can apply it to yourself for this weekend trip. Arbor Season's track is fresh, relaxing, and only pure pleasure! Having already shared the stage with Echosmith, Shane and Emily Anderson, music lovers, travel lovers, and lovers, take us into their Folk world, with an amazing final part, punctuated by magnificent vocal flights, accompanied by harmonica. And we already love them so much. The perfect soundtrack for your escape, is available on Spotify and iTunes and included, unsurprisingly, in our "Need To Escape" playlist on Spotify. Their first single, simply named "Delaware", really worth a listen too!

#2 - Alexis Roussiaux - Un autre moi

Your attention please, it's a premiere on Music For Your Heart. Until now, you have been introduced to only one French artist: Indolore, in February. But the lyrics were written in English. So, we may have missed Eurovision Song Contest again this year, it is with a great pleasure that we write down about our first French song since our launch. Alexis Roussiaux has everything from a big artist. Many different influences in this track. Especially Coldplay, for example, with a guitar sound in the background, very nice in the second verse and a final made with the same kind of emotions. Co-written with Felix Jousserand, this single has everything to become a hit and take off the career of the young artist, the text is very well written, and is not too easily written, as we can found easily in this genre. Alexis is a very good surprise, and makes us proud of the quality of French artists. Available on Spotify, Deezer, and iTunes.

#3 - Isak Danielson - Broken

Today, we go to Sweden with Isak Danielson, an incredible artist with an amazing voice in a young man's body. After climbing to the third place of X-Factor in Sweden in 2012, our artist took a break, then began to co-write songs for other artists, under his own label, songs that got over 8 million stream on Spotify. Then, he crossed the path of Maddie Ziegler. This name means nothing to you? Remember the young dancer in "Chandelier" of Sia. You got it? Well the young girl participated in a dance class with choreographer Talia Favia, and used a song from Isak, and shared a short video to her 13 million fans on Instagram. Here is our Swedish artist directly to the front of the stage. The voice of Isak Danielson, which could be compared to Hozier, although Isak has his own musical universe, is unique, and provides strong emotions from the first seconds. An artist to watch closely this year! Available on Spotify and iTunes and included in our "Sad" playlist on Spotify and Youtube.

#4 - Peter Kvint - Seasons In You

Here is an incredible story that makes Peter Kvint offer us today a wonderful song, a perfect love declaration. The artist was until now a shadow artist, he is one of the most respected songwriters and producers in Sweden, and has collaborated with A-ha, Britney Spears, Sunrise Avenue, Eskobar, Natasha Bedingfield, and Andreas Johnson (to mention only a few). Peter's career is impressive, as is the list of the songs he wrote! Peter tells us that it all started on a birthday party. He wanted to surprise his wife by writing a song for her. He had such good reactions when he played it at the party that it would have been a shame to let it go, so he decided to officially release it. And after that, several songs came to his mind, until it started to sound like an album. He started to spend every minute he had out of his regular assignments working on his own songs in the studio. And finally it started to sound good - good enough to make him want to show it to other people. And he was right. So, "Seasons In You" is taken from the album "Still Life", which will be out on August 31. Now, Peter announces that he wants to work on his own songs, and that he would feel awkward to hear someone else sing "Seasons In You" because this is his song, dedicated to his wife. And as he says so well "it's OUR song". We wish him good luck for the release of the album, which we look forward to. The single is already available on Spotify, and, of course, included in our "In Love" playlist.

#5 Nathan O'Regan - Moving Closer


What about a little trip to Ireland for your Monday evening? Nathan O'Regan comes from Cork. I visited this city a few years ago, I kept in my memory a quite cold and gray city. But Nathan brings a lot of colors, with this single, "Moving Closer ". A lot of energy, power, and mastery in this song, that's a melody that might stay in your head for hours, and that's normal: it's perfect. We have only one regret : it was too short. An artist to watch this year! Available from today on Spotify and iTunes, and included in our "Happy" playlist.