Your March Top 5

April 02, 2018

Here is, as the beginning of each month, the top 5 articles, most read the previous month. Here is the second edition with beautiful discoveries! These are the most read reviews in March by the readers of Music For Your Heart, right here, on this blog. Of course, the statistics of readings obtained by an artist are not a coincidence. We must not forget that the artist himself is an actor of his own promotion. If he shares the review, one of his fans will see a way to make his friends discovering him. The fan will then share the review. And so on. To be honest with you, reviews that artists or labels do not share on their networks are only a few dozens, or at best, a few hundred readings. But those who share a lot get thousands. Congratulations to our five elected artists of the month, it's well deserved!

#1 - The Collier - I'm Older

If you're a fan of Stereophonics, Kings of Leon, or Kodaline, you will love The Collier for sure. "I'm Older" is the band's debut single. And for a first baby, it's a great success. The band knew how to surround itself with professionals. For the song, they collaborated with the producer Ali Staton (Razorlight, Richard Ashcroft of The Verve) and for the video, this is David Morris (Coldplay, James Bay, Ben Howard). Musically, everything is pleasant. We find in this single rather calm verses, carried by dynamic choruses and a sumptuous final part punctuated by magnificent vocal flights of the singer (whose unique and powerful voice is surprising). For us, clearly, The Collier are the new U2. A pure gem, available on Spotify, and included in our new "Indie Rock" playlist.


#2 - Fontaine - Dagger

Just imagine yourself, waking up, by the fire, in this little wooden house, with Fontaine. We could listen to them playing songs all day long without getting bored. The video, as perfect as the song, presents us with a very professional angle the debut single of Dagger. Hard to believe it's a debut single. It's so well written, beautifully composed, and perfectly produced! A mix of alternative Rock and Folk that will take your heart to a fantastic journey of about 4 minutes. For sure, Fontaine is a band to watch in 2018. "Dagger" is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. To find in our playlist "Indie Rock" on Spotify.


#3 - Lapwings - Masquerade

Lapwings come from Berlin, Germany. It's rare enough to be told. Our neighbors always have very good productions to offer. Some recent proofs : remember Into The Fray (Stuttgart) on March 8, Hannah & Flaco (Würzburg) on January 28, or Luutzen (Berlin) on November 22. And our dear Germans all have one thing in common: their talent for creating beautiful videos. Lapwings is not an exception, since the video of "Masquerade" is very well done. It fits perfectly with the sound environment. The song was recorded in the same studio as Nick Cave and Korn. Great challenge for Lapwings to honor such a mythical place. The track follows a construction that we love on Music For Your Heart: it rises like a crescendo, until the emotion becomes the main engine of the song. Successful effect on our arms hairs. The cello solo of Natasha is breathtaking. The guitar part that immediately follows is delicious. A nod to Kla Ri who divinely ensures the drums. It's rare in a band to have a girl on the drums. Marco on the bass is the little "cherry on the cake". And the final part reveals all the power and emotion that the singer's voice can give us. Lapwings is a UFO. You won't find another band like them. We remain on a very strong impression, and we think that it was too short, even if the song lasts 5:33. Now, we'll need an album. The single is already available on all digital platforms. Included in our new "Indie Pop" playlist on Spotify.

#4 - Mark Fossen - Medicine Man


Do not be fooled by what you hear. Although the song starts very calmly, it increases in intensity, all along the minutes, and ends with a final part full of emotions, as we like! Mark Fossen is from Canada. The artist recently wrote on his Facebook page " I really do love my life, but I write sad songs because I find it more therapeutic to vent my feelings into a song. On the flipside when I'm good and happy, I have nothing to vent about, and those songs rarely get made. And believe me, I KNOW it's a buzzkill - I really do. Like, I write these songs that I later listen to and think to myself: OMG dude, stoppp yer whining. No one wants to hear it." Mark, you're wrong, everyone loves to hear such pretty songs, even if the writing context is quite dark. We all get trhough dark times, and it is true that writing is an excellent remedy. It's a good remedy for me, when I tell you about my amazing musical discoveries on this blog, and it is a cure for many artists who are going through difficult times. When the result is impressive, like this song, it touches people. Communicating between us, transmitting emotions, this is precisely the goal of our blog. Well done Mark, right in the middle of the target! Available on Spotify and iTunes.

#5 - Ricky Lorimer - Traveller


A moment of escape for your Friday! If you're ready to hit the road for this weekend, then this new Ricky Lorimer track will perfectly suit your road trip. "Leave everything behind", this is what the artist proposes in this track with folks accents. Despite it sounds very American, don't think wrong, Ricky comes from the UK. "Every traveler has a story," he sings. Ricky told us that "the song is about not taking life for granted, being thankful for everything you got, and loving people the best you can in spite of their flaws and your own." A beautiful vision of life, and an ideal soundtrack for your travels and your desires of great landscapes. Available on Spotify and iTunes. Included in our "Indie Folk" and "Need To Escape" playlists on Spotify.