Your February Top 5

08 mars 2018

From now on, we will post, at the beginning of each month, the top 5 articles, most read the previous month. Here is the first edition with beautiful discoveries! These are the most read reviews in February by the readers of Music For Your Heart, right here, on this blog. Of course, the statistics of readings obtained by an artist are not a coincidence. We must not forget that the artist himself is an actor of his own promotion. If he shares the review, one of his fans will see a way to make his friends discovering him. The fan will then share the review. And so on. To be honest with you, reviews that artists or labels do not share on their networks are only a few dozens, or at best, a few hundred readings. But those who share a lot get thousands. That said, we are though very happy that it's a French artist (and the only one we have published so far) who wins the price of the most read review in February. Congratulations to our five elected artists of the month, it's well deserved!

#1 - INDOLORE - In The Stars

Cocorico, enfin un français sur Music For Your Heart. On y croyait plus. Guillaume, alias INDOLORE est un artiste qui aime les voyages, qui lui ont permis de rencontrer plein de gens formidables (lors de festivals par exemple). Ce nouveau titre a été enregistré en Islande (dans le studio de Sigur Rós, rien que ça), et la vidéo tournée en Irlande. INDOLORE est donc en passe de devenir un artiste européen, voire même de renomée mondiale, et c'est tant mieux. Pour une fois que la création française réussi à s'exporter avec succès, on ne va pas s'en plaindre! "In The Stars" est une ballade acoustique, où INDOLORE nous livre une interprétation tout en douceur, et en beauté. L'histoire, c'est celle d'une fille qu'il fallait oublier : mais voilà, pour l'artiste, c'est raté. Le titre fait passer les émotions nécessaires, et vous n'êtes pas à l'abri de voir vos poils de bras se dresser à la verticale si vous écoutez à fond, au casque! Beaucoup de sensibilité dans l'interprétation de Guillaume : c'est touchant et apaisant, sans pour autant tomber dans la niaiserie. Chapeau l'artiste.

Inclus dans notre playlist "In Love" sur Spotify et Youtube.

Disponible sur Spotify et iTunes.


#2 - VINCI - We Are Ghosts

If you like Kodaline or Imagine Dragons, you'll love VINCI. This band, also Irish, like Kodaline, delivers us this third single, called "We Are Ghosts". Carried by a very strong melody, as much on the verses as on the choruses, the unique voice of Kurtis transports us into another universe. The song is very well written, sung, and produced. It's professional from the first to the last second. Nothing to add. Only happiness. Oh yes, just a question! When will they release an album?

#3 - ARI HERSTAND - Cabarete


Let's discover together, Ari Herstand's new single. Entitled "Cabarete", the track is an invitation to travel and relax. But why this title? Cabarete, as the artist himself says, is located in the Dominican Republic, and is a paradise for kitesurfers. But the city is unfortunately dominated by prostitution, and the artist, who stayed there for two weeks, was confronted with the violence that prevails, but also to the artistic culture that reigns in Cabarete, including painting. Two opposing impressions, the pleasure of discovering, and at the same time the disappointment, coexist in an apparently idyllic living environment.
After the trip, Ari took his pen to write this song, and give us his impression on the two-sided city. With his gift for writing, the artist express himself with a song for the first time in two years. And it's a success.
The singing is mastered to perfection, the voice is really good. For the frogs we are, it's very well spelled (yes, pronounciation and understanding of the lyrics are really important, above all when it's not your natural language). Musically, what a delight! The melody is simply beautiful, and we project very easily in the (false?) paradise setting of Cabarete. On a background of melancholy, the music sticks very well to the harsh reality of the text.
"Cabarete" is available on Spotify. Included in our "Need To Escape" playlist on Spotify.

#4 - BELLE MT - Made To Find You


They own the record for the number of reviews on Music For Your Heart. Already the 3rd time for Belle Mt, after "Let Me" in October and "Loving You" in December. It's not our fault, if they are very good as soon as they touch a guitar or a microphone. "Made To Find You" is the 4th single from Belle Mt (come on guys, we need an album, now!), and it falls right for this Valentine's Day eve. With sweet verses, and powerful choruses with percussive voices, this ballad has everything to be the ideal love song. The melody is beautiful and the singing is perfect. The voice even reminds us of the voice of Kings of Leon. If you were looking for the perfect song, for tomorrow's romantic dinner, here it is. Thank you Belle Mt. Once again, right in the middle of the target! Follow Belle Mt on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And of course, it's in our "In Love" playlist on Spotify.

#5 - NICLAS LUNDIN - Something About You


February has Valentine's Day, so it was inevitable that the song of the month would be a beautiful love declaration! And here is Niclas Lundin from Sweden, with "Something About You". The words can not be clearer: "You're the sea and you're the sky, You're the dark and you're the light, I can't explain it, it's just quite amazing. You're my calm and you're my storm, You're everything I've dreamed of and more, There's just something about you". With a great melody that stays in the head for hours after a single listening, Niclas Lundin signs a very strong and powerful song here. Despite he has a unique voice, Niclas had, until now, remained in the shadow, writing for Martin Garrix, among others. And taking the microphone was the better idea he had. Now we need an album! "Something About You" is available on Spotify . Included in our "Song Of The Month" playlist on Spotify and Youtube.