Your April Top 5

May 01, 2018

Here is, as the beginning of each month, the top 5 articles, most read the previous month. Here is the third edition with beautiful discoveries! These are the most read reviews in April by the readers of Music For Your Heart, right here, on this blog. Of course, the statistics of readings obtained by an artist are not a coincidence. We must not forget that the artist himself is an actor of his own promotion. If he shares the review, one of his fans will see a way to make his friends discovering him. The fan will then share the review. And so on. To be honest with you, reviews that artists or labels do not share on their networks are only a few dozens, or at best, a few hundred readings. But those who share a lot get thousands. Congratulations to our five elected artists of the month, it's well deserved!

#1 - Drops of Indigo - Winter Feelings

Drops Of Indigo is a duo from Sweden. And it's a trip to the land of winter that offers us this magical duo. Yes, magic. Because we promise you to live, through this track, a magical moment of 4 minutes and 30 seconds. The quality of the production is worthy of a great movie (Narnia, for example). Just imagine yourself, in large and endless landscapes, to lose yourself in very extensive countries, while listening to this song, eyes closed, focused on the music and even forgetting the landscape. The magic operates. The vocal flight at 3:10 made us reach the summit of musical pleasure: the thrill. Exactly what we're looking for when we read a review on Music For Your Heart, right? Your thrill of the day, here it is. Available on Spotify iTunes and Soundcloud, and included in our "Need To Escape" playlist on Spotify.

#2 - Sean Koch - Feel the Energy

Attention, an incredible musical journey awaits you with this superb production coming from South Africa. Our Song of the Month will surprise you. Sean Koch and his band decided to recycle this old song, and give it all the production it deserved. And they did really well! This song is a multi-cultural concentrate that provides an incredible feeling of well-being. The final part will surprise you. African sounds, brass instruments, powerful percussion, all dressed in a beautiful video, shot in the mountains of South Africa, and on its white sand beaches. A dream setting, for a dream production, which, for 5 minutes, made us travel in every sense of the word (musically, geographically, and emotionally). A jewel that you can also find on Spotify and iTunes. Included in our "Need To Escape" and "Songs of the Month" playlists on Spotify.

#3 - Max Minardi - Young & Green

Coming from California, Max Minardi offers us a folk universe full of colors and amazing flavors. With a voice quite comfortable in all the tones, he paints a pretty picture of love memories in "Young & Green". The melody is powerful and very catchy, punctuated by surprising instruments (brass, piano) and pretty vocal harmonies. A talent to watch closely this year! Available on Spotify and iTunes, and included in our brand new "Indie Folk" playlist on Spotify.


#4 - Jamie Yost - Aurora


Jamie Yost is back. After seducing us in March with "Stay", he offers us a new ballad, named "Aurora", taken from the EP of the same name. A second single where the piano, the guitars, and the violin live in perfect harmony. The thrill is guaranteed at 2:49 when the bridge gives us a wave of emotion thanks to long notes perfectly held by the incredible voice of Jamie. The final part is amazing, a last flight before a smooth landing, which the artist own the secret. To finish the song, he suggests "Carry me home". No doubt there will be a lot of volunteers. The song is available on Spotify and iTunes, and included in our "In Love" playlist on Spotify. Little bonus, below, a piano version. Because with Jamie Yost, the pleasure never ends.

#5 - Brady O'Keefe - Houdini


The weekend is coming soon. To make you wait and motivate you, we offer tonight a real gem. Surprising, moving, powerful, fascinating ... There are plenty of words to describe this track of Brady O'Keefe, a complete artist since he made his album all by himself. He managed to create a fascinating universe. The first 3 minutes of the song, a kind of endless introduction disguised as an appetizer, offers a calm voice and discreet instruments. Before takeoff, shortly before 3 minutes, and the song then takes another dimension. Acceleration of the rhythm. Then slow down. Then it comes back again, like an awakening and you feel the shivers down your spine, to finish on a smooth end. If you have reached the end of the song, you have traveled an incredible musical journey. We were not surprised by such an enigmatic and talented artist, since Tangerine Dream or Mike Oldfield. Only 21 years old, Brady O'Keefe is a genius. We can even call him a master. And "Houdini" is a masterpiece. Available on Spotify et iTunes. Taken from "Violins", an album you should listen urgently.