Winters Island - Machu Picchu

May 19, 2020

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It is not our habit to share content on the electro side.

But when we heard this incredibly powerful voice, we couldn't resist.

Winters Island come from London, and make us travel thanks to powerful melodies and perfectly written lyrics.

And as they've been doing music together since 21 years now, we can trust their experience for making great masterpieces as this one.

You just have to close your eyes, and let yourself be carried away by their magical musical universe.

The song is taken from their album, out last month, which also included their debut single "Ares" (1.8M Spotify listeners!). 

This song is about leaving everything after a break up, and the breathtaking final part will blow you away, for sure!

Soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, and we can confess that our arm hairs got dressed vertically.

But isn't it what you're looking for when you come to the Indie Music Center? ;)

We also recommend "Ghosts" if you enjoy that kind of epic endings.

This gem is available in our "May 2020" and "Indie Pop Anthems" Spotify playlists.


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