Wellens - Destroyers

February 21, 2023

You discovered our new Indie Hour podcast a few days ago, where we had the pleasure of interviewing Genesis Ritchot, a Canadian artist from the IMC Family. Of the 2500+ artists that we meet regularly through the IMC lines, there are only 3 with whom we can exchange in our first language. Genesis Ritchot, Flo Chase, and... Wellens.

So let's go back to Canada to discover this tasty ballad recently released from the imagination of this accessible artist with a big heart who has been creating music for more than 20 years. And for once, we can thank the pandemic which allowed Wellens to record his songs in a more professional way.

What are you thinking about when you're on top of a hill? Arguments, regrets? That's what Wellens' new song is all about. As if to be able to take some distance from a faltering relationship, the hill metaphor is absolutely brilliant. After reading the review of our fellow German blogger Susbidi, with whom we definitely have a lot of artists in common as we admire her work, it then seemed essential to us to tell you about this song in a little more detail. Because after all, for deserving artists like Wellens, two reviews are better than one. And if it can trigger some others, we would be really happy!

Between piano and guitar, the Canadian artist distills his melancholy with passion through warm vocal harmonies. But the song takes off especially in the last minute, with more powerful vocals, more in the treble, which strangely reminds us of an artist of the IMC Family that we love: Carnival Kid.

Even if "Destroyers" remains purely fictional, the song inevitably hooks us from beginning to end, because we want to know the end of the story. The artist with whom we sometimes have passionate chats about music for hours, does everything himself, from recording to production. Even the sublime music video (to watch below), takes you for a breath of fresh air, where the huge waves form a foam that takes all the memories with it. A real moment of poetry that can be listened to, looked at and savored every second.

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Wellens, 1 month ago
Wow! Thank you Niko for such a nice review. Reading reviews like that gives me all the motivation needed to push myself even further! Merci!