VNXI - When We Go Out

March 03, 2023

Kurtis Wade Murphy, Noely Musgrave, Andy L'Estrange, and Leo Cassandro are VNXI, a band recently formed in Dublin, and they released their powerful debut single "Liars" in January 2023.

If like us, you discover VNXI, you are going to have a very good surprise. The unexpected encounter of Imagine Dragons, Kaleo, and Kodaline? Maybe.

Either way, these guys sound powerful, and we're not just talking about intensity here. But also the emotional potential which is enormous, and passes as much by the incredible voice of their singer as by each of the instruments, perfectly dosed, and also the production which is of absolutely exceptional quality, and the melody which will remain firmly anchored in your head for days.

What also appeals to VNXI are their music videos, which are always very professional. And this new single benefits from a distinguished guest in the music video: Aidan Gillen!

As the main singer Kurtis said: “My Dad worked in the homeless community for 10+ years in Dublin and we wanted to honour his life. We flew to LA a week after he passed, met Aiden Gillen, and have turned this tragedy into fuel for positivity."

"When We Go Out" is an excellent successor to "Liars" and suggests that VNXI is a safe bet to rely on in 2023. But also all the following years. Accompanied by a magnificent and very professional music video, just as moving as the song, the band has everything to shine. Are they our new favorites? Definitely!

We are sorely lacking in bands on IMC, and it is becoming more and more difficult for us to find this kind of quality. Remember the name VNXI, because you will hear about these guys again! And if you live in Europe, you'll find on their website all their tour dates. Maybe you'll be able to see them in April, as they will be touring across the old continent. You can grab your tickets here.

Photo by Mark Doyle.

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