VΛNSΛ - To Where You Are

May 23, 2020

We don't really know exactly where we're going to find VΛNSΛ, as she feels at home in different places of the planet.

She currently moves between Los Angeles, Sweden, London and Ireland, where she splits her time between writing and welcoming guests into her quiet, seaside home.

VΛNSΛ is a brand new artist on the indie music scene, and "To Where You Are" is her debut single.

And we all agree to say that VΛNSΛ is a kind of UFO.

A mysterious musical universe, and above all: an incredible voice.

That kind of music is often sorted in the "Epic tracks" boxes.

As it could perfectly suit TV series or movies.

But you'll get chills, for sure, if you listen to this song with great headphones, as we did.

Carried by a magnificient melody, and a light production, VΛNSΛ totally bewitched us with her beautiful voice.