Vintz Desert - Calico Dress

February 09, 2023

Introducing Vintz Desert to you might be unnecessary if you've been following IMC for a long time. Indeed, after a first feature in June 2021 with "So You Can Come Home", our entire community fell in love with this artist from Maryland. A unique, warm voice that is capable of transmitting powerful emotions, even without a vocal flight, and writing that triggers the thrill every time.

Yes, we know you'll enjoy this new little gem, "Calico Dress", released last week. Nothing to do with Thomas LaVine's "Calico," though. Let's start with the good news: an EP is coming! And this song is the first glimpse of it.

With a melancholic acoustic guitar that plays almost the same melody from start to finish, reinforcing the "imprisoning" side of the relationship, "Calico Dress" seduces with its catchy chorus and this line which is definitely our favorite: "You 're just another ghost in me, So love me or kill me just set me free".

The artist told us that the song was not about what he was going through, but that he wrote it based on the emotions and memories that came to him. Sometimes miracles happen in songwriting without necessarily having an explanation.

The reverb on the vocals creates this unique atmosphere, where vague memories ("I can't recall when we first met"), fear ("I'm scared of you"), and disarray ("everything is broken inside these walls tonight") magically blend together. We're in love with this haunting song! What about you?

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