Tyler Edwards - Between Your Arms

April 08, 2023

After seducing us with "Delta" last September, Tyler Edwards returns to IMC with "Between Your Arms", a pretty indie-folk ballad dotted with magnificent piano notes and beautiful vocal harmonies. In this new single, Tyler finds comfort in someone's arms, in the middle of the night, after the bar lights have gone out.

Revealed to his fans on Patreon (link below) a week before its release, the song released a week ago got off to a good start with already nearly 3,000 streams on Spotify. As Tyler himself says, it's the best start for one of his songs.

And we quickly understand why. It's very easy to find yourself in this song, very relatable, where comfort is the key word, and where the nocturnal atmosphere envelops you like welcoming cotton.

The vocal performance is warm, sincere, without artifice, and blends perfectly with the very colorful and immersive writing of Tyler Edwards.

Our crush of last fall is confirmed: we will have to count on Tyler as being a safe bet for IMC.

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