Toze - Infliction

August 16, 2023

Turn on all the flashing lights, red alert! You're here to discover underrated artists, aren't you? Toze is clearly one of them! The young artist from Vancouver has just released an 8-track album, "White Cinnamon", which includes "Infliction". If you like the fast flow of Ed Sheeran, for example, you will be seduced very quickly.

Yes, the flow in "Infliction" is quite impressive. Who said that the younger generation was lazy in writing? With a very mature, detailed writing, and perfectly following the rhythm of the song which evolves over time, Toze signs here a masterpiece.

Beginning with a simple acoustic guitar, the song becomes bigger over the minutes, and the instruments stack up perfectly. The violins, then the almost military rhythm which grows gradually give more and more power to the track until triggering what we are looking for on IMC: shivers. Toze can be proud of this song, and he admits it: "This is one of my favorite songs I've ever produced/written".

The vocals also play an important role in the song, because as we said, the flow is fast but perfectly controlled. Especially on the chorus, where the words are almost hammered in rhythm. And that voice! What a voice! Warm with a young but confident tone and a rather disconcerting natural ease.

"Infliction" will seduce you with its original construction, its frantic rhythm and its soft and touching melancholy. As Toze explains, the song "is a song about reflecting on poor decisions that have led to broken relationships in someone's life. To summarize, it's about the pain the singer has 'inflicted' on their family and friends and how now they regret their actions/are left broken because of them."

We can only invite you to listen to the whole album, which is a clever mix of several genres, several universes to discover with as much pleasure as ever. We do not see the time pass with Toze.

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