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August 24, 2022

It's once again in Nashville that Indie Music Center is landing to introduce you to a new artist. It's true that sometimes we wonder if we wouldn't do better to buy an apartment in Nashville to save time. What's great about this city is that it offers a lot of musicians to go see at gigs, and above all, a great diversity!

John Townsend, who you can also call "Townsend" for short, released his first singles on Spotify in 2019. Wonderfully mixing several genres, between pop, folk, and electronic music, Townsend succeeds each time in releasing a song that really stands out. And above all, he puts his whole heart into his music. You can feel his emotions shining through every line of every song. Listening to all his releases on Spotify is like taking a trip through very varied musical horizons, between the almost pop-punk "Face", the very rock "Prisoner" and the very electronic "Casual", and we were particularly seduced by the previous single "Didn't Happen" and its surprisingly emotional finale.

But today, we are going to talk about "yours", his last single released on August 18th. If you like strong vocal identities, like Sam Smith or John Legend, the kind of voice you recognize from the first notes, you'll like Townsend's warm vocals.

The song is a story of contrasts: between past and present, between restraint and power, between regrets and the page that turns. Yes, love stories that end badly sometimes leave traces that take time to fade. It can take a long time to stop getting lost in memories or thoughts that are a little too present, as the artist confides: "I wrote and produced this over the course of a few months while I was trying to get past someone. Obviously its never easy but it always hurts a little more when you have lots of good memories that replay in your head. It's more of an internal letter to them and how I'm making the decision to finally move on".

We were talking about the contrast between restraint and power, and the artist masters these differences in intensity with disconcerting ease. Some lines are very powerful from a lyrical point of view, like "We locked the door and let the house burn to the floor, if it wasn't love, what was it for, you were never mine I wasn't yours".

About the lyric video, the contrast between shadow and light is used, with an excellent idea of ​​playing with lights at sunset time.

In conclusion, we would say that "yours" is the most accomplished song in Townsend's repertoire to date, and we can't wait to hear about his next musical projects.

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