Tommy Ashby - When Love Goes Dark

January 18, 2023

Tommy Ashby's latest release, "When Love Goes Dark" is a stunning blend of singer-songwriter, indie folk, and indie rock. The atmospheric track is about the struggles and emotions that come with a relationship that has gone dark. Taken from his upcoming debut album "Lamplighter" due for release on March 3rd, it starts off slowly but builds to a powerful climax with a full band and incredible vocals.

It is the fourth time that we feature Tommy Ashby on IMC, and we are thrilled to have him back, especially with a debut album coming after 3 years of delighting us with his incredible music!

Tommy's ability to capture the feelings of everyday moments in his music is evident in "When Love Goes Dark," which showcases his talent as a songwriter and storyteller. The lyrics are raw and emotional, painting a vivid picture of the pain and uncertainty that comes with a relationship in turmoil.

According to Ashby, this was the first song he wrote for the album and it's about the difficulties of trying to go in the direction one chooses and doing the things one actually wants to. He talks about the prevailing winds and reasons that can make one stop or change course and the small steps that can take one away from what one wanted.

Also, about the magnificent music video you can watch above, he said:

"Throughout the whole of the video I am carrying a candle, which echos the ‘hold on tight to your heart’ chorus lyric in the song. It’s the idea that everyone is carrying around something fragile and trying to protect it while going through their life. Life throws everything at you and all the while you stumble along trying to stop your little flame from going out. Sometimes that fragile thing can seem like a burden, but we never stop trying to protect it."

The instrumentation is masterfully crafted, with a perfect balance of atmospheric soundscapes and dynamic instrumentation. Furthermore, the subtle piano in the background adds to the tension of the track and serves as a constant companion throughout, like a red thread that unravels the emotions as the instruments are layered on top. The final climax is epic and will leave you with the chills you were looking for.

Picture by Drew Shearwood.

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