Tommy Ashby - Not That Far To Go

October 25, 2022

At the end of September, he delighted us with the single "Beautiful Day". A month later, he's already back with a completely different but equally captivating track.

Scottish Tommy Ashby, well-known on IMC for more than 2 years, is preparing the release of his debut album, scheduled for March 2023.

If you like songs that have a cinematic edge that lets you transport yourself somewhere else just by closing your eyes, you'll fall in love with this artist quite easily.

At IMC we generally cover indie-folk, indie-pop, and indie-rock. Good news! "Not That Far To Go" ticks all three boxes! A clever mix of genres, this new single is a jewel in its detailed production, with superb vocal harmonies, and a delicious omnipresent electric guitar.

The chorus, catchy as hell, will make you want to go beyond your limits, despite everything that may happen. Indeed, the song was written before the pandemic, and the meaning of the song turned out to be all the stronger, as Tommy Ashby explains:

"This song was written just a couple of months before the pandemic and it was incredible how relevant it became when covid came along. Suddenly we were sitting at home with quite a lot of time on our hands to think and being a worrier, which isn't always positive!"

And you, how did you use this extra time? Many of our artists have chosen to immerse themselves in music as their only refuge, like Allison Leah who isolated herself in a cabin in the woods to write her EP which will be released next week. But above all, this period that will remain in our memories, made us realize that we are not always in control, as Tommy admits:

"I guess the message of the song is to take stock of all the good things, focus on the present and accept that a lot of the stuff that happens to you is beyond your control. I told myself that it isn't weak to be scared, or share emotions. Also, when things get difficult, I think that is when I have learned and grown the most. I've definitely learned more from failure than from success. And when things are hard, that is often because they are affecting things that mean a lot to you".

Like a real vitamin pill, "Not That Far To Go" acts like an electric shock, inviting us to enjoy the present moment. Another great taste of the album that we can't wait to discover!

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