Timbre Shore - Along The Lines

April 15, 2022

Timbre Shore is back with a new single, "Along The Lines", out today. And it is stunning!

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, the young man behind the name Timbre Shore is Mitch, only 18 years old. A very open young man, who is always fun to exchange jokes with on Twitch when watching a stream from our friend in common Thomas LaVine.

I don't know why I get along well with people younger than me. Some would say it's because we're all still young in our minds. I would rather say that society, in general, is not interested enough in the following generations. You only have to see how past generations have given little importance to climate change by making the most of available resources... until suffocation.
And the recent pandemic has also shown us that younger generations have been left behind. How many students have found themselves isolated, having to start their school year over again, sometimes without a single coin in their pocket. How to impose on an entire generation to cut themselves off from the world, at an age when it is important to develop relationships?
The suffering inflicted on these young people has gone almost unnoticed, yet it is there. And I have the impression that "Along The Lines" expresses this feeling well.

About the song, Timbre Shore told us: "This song is about not conforming to society's standards; living 'along the lines' and wanting to live a life for yourself. Climbing out to see the beauty that life is when you can live freely and live your life as who you want to be."

This freedom of decision was hampered for almost 2 years. Just like freedom of movement. And living life freely has not been easy. Even though the song seems to be addressing a specific person, this need for freedom and escape shines through every single line.

The construction of the song is in crescendo. A gradual rise of emotion that reaches its climax when the cello makes its appearance. And guess who plays the cello? Yes, Harley Eblen. Him again. After Thomas LaVine, Dominic Romano, Timbre Shore benefits from the services of the talented Harley. The cellist even has fun virtually accompanying IMC featured artists such as Genesis Ritchot, Marti West, or The Satellite Station. With always so much talent and beauty.

Cello definitely has its place in indie-folk projects like Mitch's. The emotional power is increased tenfold and the song benefits from a new relief. Coupled with the bells, the piano, and the marvelous vocal harmonies of Mitch, the cello is the final touch that brings this sudden light into a dark universe at the start.

The last minute of the song will give you what you came for on IMC: chills. With very mature writing and very controlled detailed production, Timbre Shore is an artist you won't get tired of, and who will join the long list of incredible prodigies discovered by IMC.

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Written with love by Niko. "Along The Lines" has been added to our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.


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