Thomas LaVine - Rivers

August 30, 2020

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This is the third time that Thomas LaVine has come to see us. And every time, it's a pleasure. His new single "Rivers" was released this Friday. Do you like change? Even if we don't like change, sometimes we don't have a choice. The song is about these changes, sometimes wanted, sometimes undergone, that we all face. With a lot of melancholy, Thomas gives us an almost naked performance. He delivers himself in the lyrics, and offers us a beautiful musical moment. Always in an indie-folk universe, he pleases our ears, thanks to an innate sense of melody and a warm voice. The final part will leave you speachless. Looks like Thomas LaVine has earned his spot on Indie Music Center.

Thomas LaVine's point of view :

Rivers is about being forced into so much change even when you are not the kind of person who likes change. Everyone likes routine to varying degrees because it brings us comfort and a feeling of control. The song is really me talking myself through these emotions and realization that the landscape is ever changing.

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Born in Florida and raised in the small town of Blacksburg, SC, Thomas blends the organic textures of his roots with ethereal textures and nuances. He is just as at home as a minimalist as he is in soaring choruses and driven guitars. LaVine is a songwriter who loves using captivating metaphors to convey honest emotional ideas. He has been playing music for his whole life, and started to write songs when he was about 16 years old. He took influences from a wide variety of bands and artists from classics like John Denver to modern favorites such as Andrew Belle and Noah Gundersen. He has developed a unique and authentic style that creates a space for emotion and honesty to take shape in a new way.

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