The Trusted - Wild Love

November 08, 2019

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Don't rely too much on the sweetness of the intro. After a few seconds of tranquility, we quickly fly away!

Then a voice that seems familiar to us, whispers a few words, in perfect phrasing and a fast rhythm.

The song takes on its full dimension when the voice leaves in the treble, on a catchy chorus, with a remarkably worked melody.

What a wonderful energy!

The Trusted is a band from Southend-On-Sea, like The Collier, and is made up of four geniuses: the brothers Tom (on guitar and vocals) and Finlay Cunningham (on bass and vocals), Dave Batchelor (drums) and Dale Holt-Mead (guitar).

BBC introducing, BBC London and Amazing Radio have already turned their spotlight on this talented band.

Now it's up to you to share their music if you liked it. For us, it's done!

Available in our Spotify November 2019 playlist.


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