The Satellite Station - Simple Miracles (Acoustic EP)

March 05, 2021

Spring is always a rebirth. That little warming ray of sunshine that we missed for months, those blooming flowers, those good smells of wild nature ... and those good musical surprises that make your day.

Today, March 5th, an acoustic EP by The Satellite Station, the most featured artist on Indie Music Center, is released. Needless to say, we were impatiently awaiting it.

And we feel privileged, because we already knew 4 of the 5 tracks, before their public release. But despite everything, it remains an event because the artist was very involved in this project, which is a project he has been working on for a long time.

If you are already familiar with The Satellite Station, you will know that the fantastic man behind the name, Travis, is a brilliant human being with a gifted creative mind. The first time I heard "Shelter", I immediately understood that the emotional power of this jewel was going to have a significant impact on the career of our artist. Now that the track has over 300K streams on Spotify, I'm reassured to know that I'm not the only one who loves those strong emotions and thrills. With already 3 singles over 100K streams, and more than 70K monthly listeners, Travis has won over a loyal audience of listeners, and it is obvious that this EP will satisfy them.

"Simple Miracles" is a rather old song, it is indeed one of the first that the artist sang on the porch of his house, in a video on his Facebook page. But the poetry of this piece still has its effect.

The acoustic version of "Shelter" is a marvel, and Travis's voice pairs wonderfully with piano and guitar.

"Lovesong" is a cover from The Cure. Travis used synth sounds that I haven't heard in decades. And the mixture with a touch of electric guitar shows once again that our artist is full of incredible ideas. This song really sounds different now.

With more folk roots, "Always Gonna Sing Along" and "Growing Old" will convince purists of Travis' talent.

A very successful acoustic EP, that we've been waiting for for a long time. The choice and the order of the songs is ideal to spend a moment of rest and relaxation. And on the eve of a weekend, it's rather timely.

Always in simplicity, staying himself, Travis continues to grow and to evolve as an artist. And the adventure is not over yet. It's only a beginning.

We added "Lovesong" to our "IMC Certified Artists" Spotify playlist.

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More about The Satellite Station

The Satellite Station is the moniker of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Travis Rue. Known for his haunting folk-inspired melodies and emotionally deep lyrics, Rue’s storytelling shares his perspective on life and the challenges and joys of being human. In 2019, The Ohio native began recording new material that melds his pop background with indie/folk elements. With haunting folk-inspired melodies and emotionally deep lyrics, Rue’s storytelling transports the listener to relatable experiences in their own lives.


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