The Satellite Station - Only Human

April 09, 2021

It becomes difficult to count the number of visits of this artist on our platform as he comes back every 6 weeks or so, and with quality each time. His new single "Only Human" is out today and we couldn't wait to present it to you because it's been a few months since he sent it to us and it's been a few months since we play it on repeat.

Our artist from Ohio shows once again the full extent of his talent and offers us in this new track all the ingredients that have made his success until today and that increase his number of Monthly listeners on Spotify skyrocket.

The Satellite Station, whose single "Shelter" on Spotify has accumulated nearly 400,000 streams, is diversifying and constantly trying to discover new horizons. The originality of this one is that it begins with a few piano notes.

Travis, who we are used to seeing with a guitar, therefore offers us a remarkable evolution and shows that he is comfortable with all instruments. On the lyrics side, the song shows that no matter our flaws we are all human beings and that we can all lean on each other to move forward.

As often in his compositions, the intensity grows as the song progresses and the piano gradually disappears to give way to efficient and powerful percussions. Travis is more and more comfortable with his emotions and they can be heard in his songs. The text is of rare beauty. We all need those kinds of songs right now to cheer us up. To add urgently to your favorites.

Included in our "IMC Certified Artists" Spotify playlist.

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