The Satellite Station - Let You Go

June 16, 2021

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It is no longer useful to introduce yourself to The Satellite Station. You already know him, since he returns with a new single almost every six weeks.

Have you already been in love with someone who sees you... only as a friend? It already happened to me. And, this is quite a horrible situation. So I just let her go and she's still a good friend now. Once again, a song from Travis perfectly connects with me. And you will probably relate too because he's really good at telling stories that a lot of people have been through! 

What I have always liked about him is when he mixes piano and guitar. With an exceptionally well-placed voice, this blend is divine. "Let You Go" is a gem that can be listened to when you close your eyes, and you can immediately put yourself in the artist's shoes and visualize everything he tells you.

When the song takes off just before the 2:40 mark, you get the magical thrill that is present with every release of Travis: only by the sound of his voice, he would trigger that thrill anyway.

The structure of the song is quite unusual, as there is still a verse after this very emotional part. But it is probably the most touching verse. If you have recently suffered from a breakup or if you have lost a loved one, you will irresistibly let yourself be carried away by this incredible song. To the point, perhaps, of no longer having your feet on the ground.

It's the magical effect of an artist called The Satellite Station: it's easy for him to make us take off and make us dream.

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You don't see me
Like I want you to
Just a good friend
Is all I am to you
Back then love
Was a leap of faith
It was calling you a cab when you were running late
Back then love
Was a constant ache
It was talking on the phone till your boyfriend came
And I couldn’t let you know
Cause I couldn’t let you go
I Had to tell you
Trembled through the words
You sat quiet
As I burnt through my nerves
That night love
Was an open flame
It was pouring out my heart till the morning came
That night love
Was a warm embrace
It was comfort in the way that you said my name
And I had to let you know
Cause I couldn’t let you go
Been trying to call you
The ring drones in my ear
I haven’t seen you
It’s like you disappeared
Right then love was a hopeless case
It was looking in the mirror wishing I could change
Right then love was a turning page
It was mappings out my life in a brand-new way
And I had to let you know
Now I need to let you go


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