The Satellite Station - For The Coast

May 14, 2021

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Our record holder is back for his 16th visit to IMC. Travis, from Ohio, one of our IMC Certified Artists, and better known as "The Satellite Station" returns with a new single released today, "For The Coast".

Over the months, I have inevitably developed a more special relationship with Travis than with other artists, and he always sends me his new productions months before their release. This one arrived in my ears in March and it echoed in me like a bomb. Because this song spoke to me. In less than ten seconds.

I often give Travis a first opinion on the song, as soon as I hear it, but it's more of a technical opinion, as I prefer to keep my thoughts for my articles and to offer them to you, dear readers. And sometimes it also reserves a nice surprise for the artist!

So I was saying that the song spoke to me. Indeed, if you have read the "About" section, you will learn that I left everything a little over ten years ago to live by the sea. I was suffocating, inland, and I needed space and coastline. Nothing was holding me back in eastern France, and I took the bare minimum, packed a bag, and left. I was going to make one of my dreams come true: to be able to look at an infinite horizon, and to lose myself for hours staring at the waterline.

Every single line from this song made me feel comforted in my choice. Yes, I feel alive on my coast. Very poetic, and one that will appeal to anyone who lives near the ocean (and also to others, of course), this song is yet another masterpiece from The Satellite Station.

The melody is just perfect. Sometimes I wonder where he is going to get these melodies, each more beautiful than the other. Do you believe that? 16 articles and he still surprises me. The combination of piano and acoustic guitar always has a punchy effect on my ears, and the careful production gives this track all the dimension it deserves. His producer is talented and they form a wonderful team.

Another Travis song to add to your favorites!

Added to our Spotify Playlist, plus our "IMC Certified Artists" Spotify playlist, and played daily on Indie Music Center's Radio.


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