The Satellite Station - Feel This Again

June 28, 2020

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Each time The Satellite Station releases a new song, we think that he reached perfection, once again.

That's what we thought about all his last singles.

And that's the feeling we have with this one. Once again !

If you're used to read our columns regularly, you probably already know this incredible artist, so creative and talented.

And if you're listening to his work for the first time, you'll become one of his new fans, definitely!

"Feel This Again" has been released on Friday.

Lucky us! We had an early listen a few weeks ago.

And we already knew that it would have ended up here.

Totally different from the songs that The Satellite Station is used to release, this is a happy track, full of colours and brightness.

"I was asked by a friend why all my songs sounded so melancholy.

I conceded he had a point.

I wrote this song as a challenge to myself that I could write a song that was upbeat and positive."

And the challenge is taken up. Here is the amazing result.

A very catchy melody, and above all, which is a first time for The Satellite Station, a very fast speech flow!

Included in our "Indie Pop Anthems" Spotify playlist.


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