The Satellite Station - Come Home

July 31, 2020

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This is the eighth song from The Satellite Station to be featured on the IMC. Still on #1 step of the podium.

Once again, Travis hits the clouds with a divine melody.

Driven by a strong guitar base, the song builds slowly.

The chorus comes at 0:45, and will set the melody in your head for the next hours.

Short choruses, but very catchy ones!

The song remains rather calm, even in its last chorus.

A perfect track to chill with your lover, wherever you live!

 The Satellite Station is a project started in 2019, and that we have seen growing up over the months.

Song after song, Travis succeeded in creating a unique musical universe.

Sometimes in the Indie Pop universe, with upbeat tracks like "Feel This Again", and sometimes in the Indie Folk universe, with great folk roots like "What Are We All Searching For", the artist always succeed to catch our attention... And to keep it!

With quite a high rhythm of releases, with a new single dropped every month, The Satellite Station succeeded in building a loyal audience, which is still growing day after day, at a very high speed, thanks to the incomparable quality of his work.

Included in our "Indie Folk Gems" playlist.

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