The Karmanauts - Life on Jupiter

January 18, 2018

From the first seconds, a warm voice welcomes you to a soothing and enjoyable musical universe.

The lyric video helps you to understand the lyrics in an easier way, and the pictures make you travel.

Then a powerful chorus arrives already, even before the end of the first minute.

And we understand that we are dealing with a band that sounds very professional and who masters his art.

At 2:21, whether musically or visually, the rocket takes off.

The guitar is incredible. Here they are. Musical chills. The perfect feeling.

After a final chorus in apotheosis, The Karmanauts offer us a softer landing on Earth.

We must admit the incredible talent of this band who can do everything with perfection: writing, singing, melody, production.

A preview video of a few seconds of a mixing session of their next track on Youtube gives us a taste of the potential of the band.

And we can't wait to hear that song. Do not hesitate to check out their Youtube channel which contains other wonderful jewels, to enjoy with your headphones, with the volume loud enough!

The album is called "Moonstone" and is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes. "Life on Jupiter" can be found in our "Need To Escape" playlist.