The Hollow Men - Said

January 13, 2023

2 features in 3 months in 2020 for The Hollow Men on IMC, with "Silence" and "Coming Down". Then nothing. Ah yes, a collab with Francis Moon in 2021. But no trace of the artist in 2022. And we were seriously beginning to despair.

Fortunately, the talented Swedish singer-songwriter Dennis Sjöström is back with a new single, "Said", much more pop than the previous indie-folk releases to which he had accustomed us. With several million streams already on his counter, Dennis could add as many with this new song, as it has so much potential!

Wonderfully crafted, with a production that contains countless details that you will only be able to hear with quality headphones. On a melody imbued with melancholy and sad vibes, the singer aligns words of despair, when he discovers that the person he used to know is not the one he believed. A real and heartbreaking disillusion, which you have to successfully confront in order to move forward.

As Dennis said about the song, it's "about the harsh reality of realizing that someone you thought you knew, isn't who you assumed them to be. It's about how we can often be blind to the red flags that are so blatantly obvious to everyone else and how, in some relationships, we can gradually change into someone we're not. When it ends, we're left wondering if any of it was even real".

Having known this after more than 30 years with the person who gave birth to me, I can guarantee you that the blow of the club hurts a lot, and its effects have a hard time disappearing over the years. And as Dennis says, the red flags were obvious though. But no one knows why our brain sees nothing, and acts as if the situation is normal, as Dennis sings in the final part which sounds like an elevator that goes up, up, up, until it crashes fatally and inevitably on the floor: "How could I be so blind?".

"Said" is a very relatable song and above all invites you to reflect on what surrounds you: appearances are sometimes deceiving. But concerning this song, they are not: it is one more masterpiece to add to the already marvelous discography of The Hollow Men.

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