The Graes - Reagan's Song

December 12, 2020

Many of us have already experienced the arrival of a child in a home. Or in a family. Or a bunch of friends. And we all know how life-changing that can be. But, and it is a pity, we often summarize the love enjoyed by the child to that of his parents. But not only! In the case of The Graes, the song is aimed at the daughter of their friends, who as they say "has become the center of the world". And when you don't have a child yet, you can fall head over heels for a child who is not ours. Beautifully written, the song, while acoustic, offers us superb vocal harmonies, and a sweet melody worthy of the best lullabies. A real folk gem that we didn't want to miss! In short, in these festive times, when we are not sure of being able to meet again and enjoy moments together, a little happiness and magic are welcome. Thank you The Graes for this delicate moment!

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The Graes's point of view:

This song started as a simple thought process, as most songs do. Our best friends had a little baby girl about a year ago and she's literally become the center of all of our worlds. We had this vision of writing her a "lullaby" type song but one that she could grow up listening to for years. 3 days after we got married, while on our honeymoon, we broke out the acoustic guitar on the beach and wrote Reagan's Song. We hope that when people listen to this song they think about a person in their life that means the world to them. We truly hope you enjoy this tune.

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More about them:

What started out as a friendship bonded by musicianship and late-night car jams to popular tunes, quickly transformed into a love marked with stories of depth, honesty, experience, and fun. With their contrasting, yet complementary backgrounds in music and life, newlyweds CJ and Cassie Grae are a folk-pop duo of honest, compelling lyrics and catchy, soulful melodies.


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