The Collection - Love at the End of the World

February 07, 2023

Our pool of North Carolina artists is still very active! And it's a pleasure for us to welcome The Collection for the third time! One week away from Valentine's Day, the band returns with a romantic pop ballad that will give you wings.

It is true that we are currently in a rather gloomy context, and yet, it is not impossible to be happy and in love. Without feeling guilty! Quite challenging, we agree, but it's doable. And that's what this song is all about, as the band says: "it's about finding and being in love despite everything around you - and the entire world - seemingly in shambles. And how you don't feel guilty because at least you're feeling something during such tumultuous times".

With David's voice as its unique vocal signature, the song would fit perfectly in a disaster movie announcing the end of the world. Moreover, the song can be found alongside the two previous IMC Features ("Won't Stop Yet" and "Get Lost") in an EP called... "How to Survive an Ending".

Opening only with a piano, the song grows over the minutes to end in apotheosis with beautiful strings, brass, and choirs. Everything to make you think that in the end, this world is not so gray.

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