The Amber Unit - Don't Believe Them

July 09, 2018

After "Brother", that they proposed us in early June, The Amber Unit come back, with a new bomb. Even if they have lost the FIFA world cup, Switzerland deserves the world cup of music, as this country is full of amazing artists. When you listen to the first 2 minutes of "Don't Believe Them", you are convinced : there are still many good songs to discover on this planet. When we arrive at 2:39, we take a slap in the face. The Amber Unit hits very hard, again. The final part of the song, which starts at 3:18, literally takes us to another planet. Vocal flights mastered to perfection, a melody that tears your heart, powerful lyrics. You get touched in your soul. Welcome to "Music For Your Heart". The song is from the album "Fear No Giant". Please have a listen to the full album (Spotify / iTunes / Soundcloud), because every track really worth it! We also really liked "Highway" and its breathtaking final part with violin. And it's for our greatest pleasure! "Don't Believe Them" is available in our "Indie Rock" playlist on Spotify.