Terrible Sons - Asperatus

February 27, 2023

From the first notes of "Asperatus", we know that we are about to live an epic, unique, and unforgettable musical experience. And this feeling is confirmed over the seconds when we discover the millimeter vocal harmonies and the immeasurable passion that inhabits these two.

Welcome to the world of Terrible Sons, not far from Christchurch, New Zealand. Husband and wife duo Matt and Lauren Barus have two children and have found in music the means to evacuate the most vulnerable feelings one can feel.

"Asperatus", with its enigmatic title, is in fact the name of a cloud. Or rather a group of clouds with an almost mystical appearance, which inspired the song, as the band explains:

"This song was partially inspired by an image of a particular cloud formation that may follow a storm - it presents as 'roughness' but generally dissipates without developing further. It deals with yearning, complicated by the dissonance of what has transpired still lingering in the air".

The song is a clever mix of indie folk and mythical influences, the violin and atmospheric pads being omnipresent. No pun intended, but we find ourselves enveloped in a magic cloud, from which we are unable to descend if we do not press the stop button. The duo seduces us with its professionalism and its ability to transcend the arts: through their music, and this song in particular, they managed to create a very precise painting in our minds.

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