Tear Decline - Amsterdam

March 09, 2023

Warning! Chills alert! Well, after all, isn't that why you wander around the pages of IMC? Let's go to Austria to discover the duo Tear Decline made of Maximilian Wörter and Hannah Albrecht. We were already in Austria two days ago with Tom Joseph, and it seems that this country is a real anthill full of talented artists! We said let's go to Austria because that's where these little geniuses hide, but the title of the song is "Amsterdam". Which is not in Austria, but in the Netherlands. Is everything okay, are you still following us?

Actually "Amsterdam" is more of a metaphor but you can basically replace it with any other place that suits you. The song brings a breath of fresh air to indie music, with sounds rarely heard before. From the first seconds, the classical guitar sound, brought with delicacy by Maximilian, takes you away! The journey begins with incredible vocal harmonies that set the tone: we will live a unique auditory experience. And Hannah's voice, solo on the first verse, welcomes us with an absolutely extraordinary sensation: it is warm and makes you want to hear more while carrying this ambient coldness and gloominess. Pretty impressive!

The harmonies are back for the chorus and we understand very quickly that Tear Decline is great art. The intensity grows little by little until the final chorus which will bring you the expected dose of chills.

The production is a rare beauty, with a precision that we have rarely seen, and was done by Hannah.

And after the first listen, we find ourselves with an immense void that has arrived too quickly, due to the short duration of the song, and we have only one desire: to listen again. Remember these two, because if they enchanted us so much from their first feature here, you have a good chance of seeing them again on our pages.

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